About Us

From the moment you walk in the front door of Carvers Deli & Barbecue, you realize this place is something special.  Greeted by the smell of barbecue cooking, sauces simmering, deli meats slow roasting and homemade soups stewing, our customers often find it tough to make a choice among the many delicious menu items we serve.

Locally owned and managed by Chip and Barb Powers of State College, Carvers Deli & Barbecue is conveniently located on N. Atherton Street in the Wal-Mart Plaza. Our vision was to bring a quick-service barbecue restaurant to State College where customers can relax in an inviting atmosphere and enjoy great food.

Our barbecue is cooked traditionally, using a “low and slow” method. “Low and slow” is the process of cooking meats at low temperatures over a long period of time to produce extremely moist meats. Restaurants often attempt to duplicate the process by adding water to the cooking technique to speed up the process, but without the low and slow cooking process that Carvers Deli & Barbecue uses, it cannot be duplicated.

In addition to deli meats cooked in-house to guarantee freshness, and house-brined corned beef, we offer a delicious menu that includes:

  • Tender and juicy hickory-smoked pulled pork, cooked for 14 ½ hours
  • Melt-in-your-mouth brisket cooked for 15 hours with hickory wood
  • Tender, succulent ribs slow-smoked with hickory wood
  • Super-moist, apple wood-smoked chicken

All served with your choice of four homemade barbecue sauces and delicious sides including coleslaw, macaroni and cheese, baked beans, and potato salad – all of which our customers have said are the best in the area!

And if you are craving a sandwich of your own concoction, you can come in and build your own creation from our list of fresh ingredients because we make all our sandwiches fresh to order.

For special events, we also offer a full catering menu featuring our quality meats and sandwiches. For tailgates and parties, we offer a tailgate menu full of sandwich platters, ribs, and wings.

Come into Carvers Deli & Barbecue for an unforgettable experience. The freshness will keep you coming back for more.